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Friday, 24 September 2004

domain name pricing

So, someone has been trying to contact me about purchasing a domain name that I don’t use much anymore, but that does have some sentimental value (because it was the first one I acquired, back in ‘92 when you didn’t even have to pay for them…)

It’s a four-letter .com domain name that I suspect corresponds to their company name, and I’ve been getting an increasing amount of mail in the catch-all account for it that probably should be going to them.

I have no idea what’s a reasonable rate for these things these days. If it’s not worth much, I probably won’t sell it, but I don’t even know what’s a reasonable starting point for asking. I suspect they’ll put the ball in my court, asking what I want for it, and I’d like not to start with a lowball number.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I spent an hour this afternoon trying to convince decision-makers at RIT to invest a relatively small (by site license standards) amount in a campus license for Movable Type. It was wonderful being able to merge my social software interests with my home institution, since typically the two haven’t been closely connected. And with luck, it will turn into something that benefits many of my colleagues and the students here at RIT.

The idea would be to set up something similar to what Minnesota has at UThink, but also to start looking at MT as a platform for content management on departmental sites, class sites, etc. We would also be looking at ways to integrate other pedagogical tools (like testing and gradebook software) into MT templates so that students could have something like my MT courseware, but with RIT-specific private components embedded and/or linked. Fun stuff.

In preparation for the talk, I created a list of educational blogging resources and examples (cribbed from another list on a private server that danah boyd and I have been working on for a workshop). It occurred to me that the list could be useful to others trying to convince their institutions to implement wide-scale blogging initiatives, so feel free to steal from it, point to it, add to it, etc. (Yes, I know, it should be on a wiki. I’m working on installing one that I like, but haven’t had time for it recently…) In the meantime, if you leave comments here with things you think should be included, I’ll consider them for the list.

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