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So, someone has been trying to contact me about purchasing a domain name that I don't use much anymore, but that does have some sentimental value (because it was the first one I acquired, back in '92 when you didn't even have to pay for them...)

It's a four-letter .com domain name that I suspect corresponds to their company name, and I've been getting an increasing amount of mail in the catch-all account for it that probably should be going to them.

I have no idea what's a reasonable rate for these things these days. If it's not worth much, I probably won't sell it, but I don't even know what's a reasonable starting point for asking. I suspect they'll put the ball in my court, asking what I want for it, and I'd like not to start with a lowball number.

Any advice would be appreciated.


First thing, I'd tell them it has sentimental value and ask them to make an offer. Use that as a baseline. And I'd check domain auction sites to see how much similar names are going for. A valuable domain can go for thousands of dollars.

If they want it, have them make you an offer. If you feel it is worth it, go with it, but make sure you have the money up front. If not, tell them so. Don't bend over backwards for them, make them take the initative. If they want it bad enough, they will offer the right price.

Email me with the domain and I'll give you an estimate on what you should charge. I've been doing domain buys and sells for about 7 years now :-)

I mailed a link farm that had a URL I wanted and they wrote back saying they wanted $8000. I told them no way, that's more than half the whole project budget, and they wrote back suggesting I name a price I could pay, but I never answered - I just didn't like the feeling of dealing with the devil. I mean HONESTLY, taking hundreds of domain names that have NOTHING to do with any content and just making link farms and trying to sell em to the highest bidder? No way.

I got a different URL. No problem.

So that's my experience with the bastard evil domain pirates.

The first domain I registered ended up being teh name of a movie years down the road and I sold it for low 5 digits. My current domain name took some interest once, but they balked at even $5K (hey, it takes money to rebrand yourself...)

If it really has sentimental value I'd suggest one thing regardless of any fetching price: limit of use in the contract of sale. Be very specific about not allowing it to be link farmed, etc...

BTW - My sister is an entertainment lawyer specializing in intellectual property and helped out with my sale and potential sale, let me know if you'd like to ping her for some quick advice...

Let me guys ask you this. I developed a site for this fellow and it is doing well.

I bought another name "ulr" prior to being employed by this fellow and offered it to him, and started forwarding the url to his address, but guess what he would never talk about the subject again.

Since then about a year and a half ago he has been using the forwared url for advertising and will still not talk about the subject.

Since I bought the name prior to working for him and he has no legal right to use it as far as Im concerned to you think he would be able to steal it from me in a court battle?

The url has never been out of my name and I have never agreed to sell or to give him this url in anyway.

Any thought would be great

Thanks Roger

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