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Tuesday, 30 December 2003

travel plans for the new year

It’s going to be a busy, busy first quarter for me, it seems.

A trip to Chicago in January to do some consulting.

A trip to San Diego in February to speak at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference.

The much-anticipated Asian trip with my mother and son in late February/early March.

And I’ve just agreed to be on a panel (“Streetwise Librarians and the Revolution in Public Information”) at SXSW Interactive in Austin in March.

Whew. I’m tired just looking at that. :/ Every one of them is a trip I’m really interested in making, but in the aggregate, it’s a daunting itinerary for someone who much prefers sleeping in her own bed…

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count your blessings. really.

It’s been a rough month for my family, but lately I’ve been focused on counting my blessings rather than my trials. I have a lot to be grateful for—family, friends, health, and job security (in a job I love), to name just a few.

I’ve always felt that actively listing and talking about the good things in my life has had a positive effect. Turns out that researchers at UC Davis have results that support my thoughts on the matter. Here’s an excerpt from the AP wire story (as published in the SJ Mercury News):

In one set of observations, college students kept a diary, with some instructed to write about how they felt grateful and others told to concentrate on daily hassles or routine events.

There were fewer illnesses among the “gratitude” group, which also reported exercising more and offering more emotional support to others, Emmons and co-author Michael E. McCullough wrote in the February issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, at which Emmons is a consulting editor.

In another experiment with people with neuromuscular diseases, the researchers found that emphasizing gratefulness improved satisfaction with their lives, as well as their amount and quality of sleep. That study involved observations from the participants and family members.

So, all you bloggers out there…as we welcome in a new year this week, why not write a post about what you’re most grateful for? And if your software supports it, trackback to this post so that I can hear about it, too. :)

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real blessings

My father has spent over a year organizing and digitizing thousands of snapshots he’s taken over the past 50+ years—from his childhood in Germany before and during WWII, through his time in LA in the 50s, and his marriage to my mother and the passages of our family from the 60s through today. It’s an amazing collection of images, and he’s assembled a series of albums on various themes as he’s worked.

A few weeks ago, I asked him if he’d stumbled across a photo of my mother that I remembered clearly…it showed her in the backyard of the house we rented each summer in Cape Cod, joyfully tearing into a freshly-cooked lobster. (It was at Shore Gardens in Eastham, right on Town Cove, for those of you who know the area.)

Today, he found and sent me a digitized version of the image (a series of three images, actually, one of which was the picture I remembered), which was taken in 1975.

Thanks, Dad, for the picture. Thanks, Mom, for the joy and laughter you’ve always brought into our lives. And thank you Mom and Dad for being such wonderful parents, and for giving me such a wealth of happy memories that pictures like this one (and these, which I posted back in November of 2002) bring back for me. I love you both.

Mom eating lobster, 1975

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Liz sipping melange at Cafe Central in Vienna