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Sunday, 4 January 2004 and bloglines combination

After playing a bit with the social bookmarking system, I’ve found that one of the interesting things about it is the ability to subscribe to people’s bookmark lists. Some people already provide this capability by providing daily or remaindered links—like Anil, for example.

Unlike blogs themselves, lists of links are less dependent on user-supplied formatting for effect, which means I’m willing to read them in an aggregator. So I subscribe to Anil’s links in Bloglines, which I use primarily not for blogs, but for informational feeds (NYTimes,, comics, etc).

Turns out creates an RSS feed of your inbox, which is where new links added by your friends (or anyone whose links you subscribe to) are placed. So by adding that RSS feed to bloglines, I centralize my “interesting tidbits” in one place. Add to that the nifty bookmarklet for adding things to, and the site becomes essentially a backend tool, rather than a destination. Cool.

So, who else is using, so I can add them to my subscriptions?

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I know, I know. Bookmarklet technology has been around for a long time. But lately it seems as though there are more useful bookmarklets around. I’ve been using several on a regular basis, including the HTML and CSS validator bookmarklets at W3C, and the post to bookmarklet mentioned in my last post.

I’ve found some other useful ones out there, as well as collections like this and this. (And there are plenty more.)

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