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My father has spent over a year organizing and digitizing thousands of snapshots he's taken over the past 50+ years--from his childhood in Germany before and during WWII, through his time in LA in the 50s, and his marriage to my mother and the passages of our family from the 60s through today. It's an amazing collection of images, and he's assembled a series of albums on various themes as he's worked.

A few weeks ago, I asked him if he'd stumbled across a photo of my mother that I remembered showed her in the backyard of the house we rented each summer in Cape Cod, joyfully tearing into a freshly-cooked lobster. (It was at Shore Gardens in Eastham, right on Town Cove, for those of you who know the area.)

Today, he found and sent me a digitized version of the image (a series of three images, actually, one of which was the picture I remembered), which was taken in 1975.

Thanks, Dad, for the picture. Thanks, Mom, for the joy and laughter you've always brought into our lives. And thank you Mom and Dad for being such wonderful parents, and for giving me such a wealth of happy memories that pictures like this one (and these, which I posted back in November of 2002) bring back for me. I love you both.

Mom eating lobster, 1975


What a lovely picture! Thanks for posting it and best wishes for the New Year to you and your extended family.

Your generousity leaves me almost speechless.

I am grateful for many good things in my life, lobster and love among them, but right now I am most grateful to have a daughter like you.

That's just a cool picture. Even though, even being from Maine, I don't like lobstah... ;-)

A very interesting post Liz. When I went to the other page it looked like a picture out of a magazine, you in front of the fire. And it was your real life. How nice that you know to appreciate it.

I hope you are doing well and that your sister...well, there isn't any easy way to say anything significant. Be well and have a good new year.

Interesting. My grandmother died early last year and I've been trying to persuade everyone that we should scan her photos and store them on CD-ROMs before time does it's inevitable and we loose them for good. I've not had much success so far, maybe I should point them to this as an example of why I think it's worth doing.

Lovely photo.

That is a great photo! Like other commenters, it reminds me of the value of preserving images digitally. I recently had a similar experience in which an uncle translated some Super-8 films of me as a toddler to video (now we need to digitize them). Really amazing to see me, my parents, and grandparents so much younger...

Joie de vivre captured on film. It really is a wonderful photo!

While I was home for Christmas, I threatened to go to Staples and buy a scanner so I could digitize some of my mother's photos, which she keeps in tins scattered all over the house.

I may have her bring some with her when she comes up for a visit next month.

This is the first time I've ventured into your blog . . . what a wonderful picture of your mom! I remember with fondness and joy the summer I spent with your family at Cape Cod.
My love to you and all your family.

What a lovely photo of your mom! Thanks for sharing this photo and your memory! It's wonderful.




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