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E-mail from my mother:

I booked it...Rochester to Narita Feb. 21, Tokyo to Shanghai March 3, Shanghai to Rochester March 6. Whee!

That's for her, my son Lane, and me. We're pretty excited!

Suggestions for must-see places and people in Tokyo and/or Shanghai welcome. We'll be staying with a Japanese friend in Tokyo, so it won't be a strictly tourist's view of the city. And my mom has spent a good bit of time there, so between her and our hostess, we won't be completely stuck in tourist mode.

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Tokyo is spectacular. There are markets not far from Tokyo Zoo that are really worth a visit, and the Ginza at night is not to be missed for its neon display. Navigate your own way across the city via the underground, its a great experience and there is always somebody willing to help a lost traveller. I enjoyed seeking out small noodle bars and tiny sushi parlours where the food was quick, inexpensive and delicious. No matter how crowded these tiny places were, somebody always moved and made room for us, conversations followed. Yep, for me Tokyo was defined by the food and the people.
I can't comment on Shanghai as I haven't been there, it will be interesting to hear what you have to say.


--Sledding on Mt. Fuji! ;-)

--I went to Beijing and Tianjin in China two years ago ( to see my gallery from that trip), but not Shanghai. However, I went to a restaurant in Beijing where the Shanghai food is provided. It's very delicious!!!! From this experience, I am telling you that I believe that the food in Shanghai would be delicious. So, be prepared for that! I guarantee you that you will be still full from eating by the way you arrive back here in Rochester! :-)

Have fun during this trip!!!!

Although it will be pretty cold at that time in Tokyo, still nothing like Rochester:-P
With warm clothes, please consider 1 day going to Kamakura area, an hour from Tokyo.
There are the atomosphere of national capital town back in the 12th century, a huge buddha and a guide(I try to) await for you all.
-former student

Kotaro, I didn't realize you were back in Japan. I'll check with my mother (the chief travel officer for this trip), but I suspect that we'd love to take you up on a tour of the Kamakura area!

Looking forward to the CTO's opinion, Liz! Other options for sight spots are:
1. The Emperor's palace, sits right in the middle of Tokyo
2. Roppongi Hills, newly opened topic making business complex.(

Please be prepared for hyper-meshed train system and the crowd of people. I have no clue about Shanghai...

Prof Lawley,

Here's a few places you should go in Shanghai. Yuyuan Garden is beautiful and the Bund. Have dinner at the Hyatt in Shanghai, near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The restaurant is located at the very top and you can get a beautiful view of the Bund and the city of Shanghai. Most of the world's construction cranes are there since the city is developing so quickly.




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