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Thursday, 24 April 2003

duty vs pleasure?

What to do, what to do…

Just found out that a panel presentation I volunteered to be on has been accepted for the 2003 Association of Internet Researchers conference. The problem? It’s the exact same dates as this year’s Pop!Tech.

As an academic, I should go to AoIR, since a juried panel presentation is a very nice line on the vita, plus it’s a chance to talk to other people in the field who don’t see research as an unnecessary distraction from coding.

But I love Pop!Tech. It makes me think in new ways. It gives me a chance to talk to people who are excited about the same ideas that I am.

I really don’t want to have to pick one, but I guess I’m going to have to. Blech.

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blogs 101

This is a collection of links I’ve put together for our department’s industrial advisory board, which is meeting here tonight and tomorrow. Rather than creating a separate web page for them, I thought I’d put them here in the blog itself, so that the starting point for my demo is this entry.

This is by no means a comprehensive list…just a starting point of resources I think are useful. And I expect I’ll be editing it throughout the day, so don’t expect it to stay static. :-)

Articles About Blogging
Blogs become key tools for developers (ZDNet)
The making of a policy gadfly (Chronicle of Higher Ed)
Blogs vs. web pages, part 1
Use the blog, Luke (
Meg Hourihan Presentation on Blogs

Blog Information/Aggregation Tools
Allconsuming (blogs & books)
Blogdex (blog info diffusion site)
Daypop (blog content popularity index)
Technorati (who links to who?)

Tools for Blogging
Movable Type (used on this site)
Blogger (owned by Google)

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keep the bird burning

One of the most articulate, interesting, and enjoyable voices in my corner of blogaria—Shelley Powers, aka Burningbird—is at risk of being silenced due to financial constraints.

Happily, Jonathon Delacour has organized a “Keep the Bird Burning” fund. I’ve contributed. I hope you will, too.
Contribute via PayPal to keep Burningbird online!

Update, 27 April
The campaign was a success. Thanks, everyone! I’ve disabled the paypal button above.

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new social software blog

Blogging has been a little light over the past week because I’ve been working with Clay Shirky, Ross Mayfield, Sébastien Paquet, and Jessica Hammer on a brand-new Corante blog on “social software” called “Many-to-Many” (which I’ll refer to from now on as M2M, since that’s a lot shorter and easier to type).

I’m really excited about this—it’s an amazing and talented group of people with a wide range of views. I know Clay’s taken some flak lately as being somewhat exclusionary, but that’s not been my experience in the development of this new blog. This is not a list of A-list bloggers, nor is it the “in-crowd” at O’Reilly (three of us aren’t at etcon, in fact). But it is a group of people with a variety of perspectives and experiences. Much to my delight, it’s 40% women. And if we count Clay as a part-time academic (he teaches at NYU), it’s split right down the middle academic vs practicioner.

I think the new blog will be an interesting space. I hope you’ll stop by and visit.

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