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What to do, what to do...

Just found out that a panel presentation I volunteered to be on has been accepted for the 2003 Association of Internet Researchers conference. The problem? It's the exact same dates as this year's Pop!Tech.

As an academic, I should go to AoIR, since a juried panel presentation is a very nice line on the vita, plus it's a chance to talk to other people in the field who don't see research as an unnecessary distraction from coding.

But I love Pop!Tech. It makes me think in new ways. It gives me a chance to talk to people who are excited about the same ideas that I am.

I really don't want to have to pick one, but I guess I'm going to have to. Blech.


Looking at the AIR conference site I see the poor things have the unenviable task of hosting a conference in a city that has just been put on the WHO's list of places NOT to travel to. Hopefully SARS will be contained by October, huh?

I know! You can send me to PopTech as your vicarious representative. I promise to think in new ways, talk to people who are excited about the same ideas we are — and I’ll mention you a lot, so no one forgets about you.

The WHO lifted their ban on travel. the organizers are very aware of the current situation and if you need further information it can be provided. However, given the choice between something like poptech and AIR, you will find that AIR is much much more fun in the end. Ask around, it is a great conference, you will get to talk to people who are excited and learn new ways to think about things.

Have already decided that AIR is a higher priority, for multiple reasons. :)




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