remembering the 2000's

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An enumerated wrap-up. Thank goodness for my blog and iPhoto, which helped me fill in blanks, remember dates, and relive some of the best moments of what has been for me (personally) a really wonderful ten years.

(The lists aren't in order of importance; some are random, some are chronological.)

Ten Wonderful Places I Visited

  1. Featherdale Wildlife Park
  2. Shanghai
  3. Tokyo
  4. Dubai
  5. Vienna
  6. Lucerne
  7. Yellowstone Park
  8. Mount Rainier
  9. Mount Pilatus
  10. House on the Rock

Ten Games I Spent Too Much Time Playing

  1. World of Warcraft (PC)
  2. Katamari Damacy (PS2)
  3. Dance Dance Revolution (PS2)
  4. Animal Crossing (GameCube)
  5. Sudoku (web, iPhone)
  6. Solitaire (iPhone)
  7. Bejeweled (PC, iPhone)
  8. Snood (PC)
  9. Zuma (PC)
  10. JewelQuest II (PC)

Ten Life-Changing Events

(I'm focusing on personal events rather than world events, which is why 9/11 doesn't appear on the list...)

  1. Gaining Weez as a friend (2001)
  2. Starting my blog (2002)
  3. Acknowledging my depression publicly (2003)
  4. Getting tenure (2003)
  5. Being asked to speak at Supernova (2003)
  6. Getting invited to the first Social Computing Symposium (2004)
  7. Going to my first Al-Anon meeting (2004)
  8. The death of my first husband, Dave Tudder (2004)
  9. Spending a year at Microsoft Research (2005)
  10. Playing WoW with an amazing group of colleagues and friends (2005)

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Thanks for sharing, Liz. Happy New Year!

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