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I'm a deeply social creature. I work better, play better, think better when I'm with other people. I learn best from examples, and work complex ideas out best when talking or writing about them to someone else.

So it's no surprise to me that Weez's return to Rochester has spurred all kinds of positive behaviors in me. First, there was the pact to get healthier together, spurred by a bit of competitive spirit. (The regular gym meeting time that she invited me to via Exchange is entitled "To 125"!) Every time I'm tempted to say yes to a milkshake from McD's, or a second helping of dinner, I think "125" and it's much easier to just say no.

Now, I find myself inspired by her kitchen cleanup. Our fridge actually gets cleaned out pretty regularly, but the pantry...not so much. Yesterday I tackled that challenge, and ended up throwing away 2.5 kitchen garbage bags full of expired/empty/stale/unwanted items. (Who knew we had three jars of Marshmallow Fluff? Or four more boxes of Macaroni and Cheese?)

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