completely bearable lightness of being


For the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, I'm not feeling overwhelmed by commitments this week. I've said no to some things that I really wanted to do, but knew would add too much stress, and it feels sooooo good to not be struggling with overload now.

It's finals week here at RIT (we're on a quarter system). Student projects get turned in today, and I've got until Thursday to get them graded. The final exam is Thursday morning, and it's mostly opscan graded, so I should have that all done by the end of the day. That means starting Friday I'm completely done with this quarter, and have 2.5 full weeks of break time before the winter quarter begins. More importantly, I have no conference travel or presentations until the end of February.

So what will I do with all that free time? I've got afghans to finish, and TV episodes to catch up on. And since Weez just started playing WoW, I've got lots of collaborative playtime planned for the break.

Oh...and I need (really, really need) to get my flabby flat ass in to the gym.

It's all good.


I'm in the same position (we're on quarters, too). I almost don't know what to do with myself! Well, that's not true. I have a lot to do, but it feels so different without the frantic suspense that goes with not knowing whether you'll meet each deadline.

And the gym is definitely in my evening plans...

"And since Weez just started playing WoW, I've got lots of collaborative playtime planned for the break."

Another one bites the dust. Blizzard will not stop until every household has at least one subscriber. All I can do is be thankful this came out after I finished school. =)

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