pre-trip frenzy

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I've been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off, but have still managed to:

  1. Finish the slides for the CSCW tutorial, identify some good articles to include, turn everything into PDFs and use the wonderful little free OS X utility "Combine PDFs" to turn them into a single document that I could print on our copiers.
  2. Hand-staple the color covers onto the 25 packets generated by the above process.
  3. Grade 32 student websites, then take advantage of the wonderful integration between Excel (where I do the grading), Word (where I create the nicely formatted gradesheet to give students based on the Excel fields), and Entourage (which, it turns out, Word can "merge print" to, making it possible to send each student his or her own gradesheet with a single click! w00t!)
  4. Spend far too much time in an email exchange with a student who refused to accept that he could lose a point for not including a link to his assignment in the place I expected it to be.
  5. Made a reservation for the shuttle from Calgaray to Banff tomorrow (thanks to a reminder from my co-presenter).
  6. Attended a two-hour training session on diversity that's mandatory for people serving on search committees
  7. Wrote two practical exams for my two sections of intro to multimedia, printed them out, and got them to the office for my TA to pick up Monday.
  8. Met with four students who wanted help prepping for the practical exam.
  9. Bought the rest of the yarn I need for a gift afghan I'm about to start on.
  10. Found out a paper deadline that I thought was this Monday has been extended to the 12th! Yes!!

All that's left for me to do now is pack, which is pretty manageable. My flight leaves tomorrow at 8:10am, and I get back to Rochester on Wednesday at 8:15am (redeye flight...ugh). Since I'll be in Canada, my Verizon broadband card isn't coming with me...I'd have to pay roaming data charges. I'm expecting the hotel (which looks incredibly beautiful!) will have high speed access. If not, you'll have to wait 'til next week to see the pictures, and hear about the event.

(And yes, I plan to post the handouts from the tutorial, but probably not until after the conference is over.)

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Banff/The Fairmont is a stunning place to visit. I went there for a conference a year and a half ago - and it is amazing. I haven't figured out how to affordably take the whole family there - but it'd be worth it!

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