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I went for an eye exam yesterday, because I could literally feel the strain on my eyes and the headaches it was causing. It appears I can no longer avoid the dreaded bifocal lens. :( And omg...glasses seem much more expensive these days than they used to, and adding bifocal lenses to my blind-as-a-bat nearsightedness makes for a mighty pricey pair of specs. (My rx is so strong that I have to buy the super-light/thin lenses in order to wear most frames, and my vanity is so strong that I opted for the progressive lenses so that it's not quite so obvious that they're bifocals.)

I'm also going back to contact lenses, at least part time, so today I started pairing those with reading glasses. And while these glasses make me feel old beyond my years, they're awfully helpful with little things like being able to read text on a screen (as well as on paper).


Bifocals are great, they make you look intelligent. Since you are a blonde, you really need those glasses to counteract the beautiful-but-dumb image you may be projecting. Remember Mary Varney and her great legs? Without those big glasses, she'd probably still be in Buffalo. Now she's in the big leauges, philosophically speaking.

On a more serious note, I have a great glasses man in Rochester. Call me if you want the specs.

Oh wow, language games.

Liz, I just spent some crazy money on glamorous glasses...just before I noticed all these articles about getting great deals online. Lifehacker quoted one a few days ago, and there was a piece in the Guardian last week too.

Hey Liz, nobody notices that progressives are progressives. I switched from trifocals a year ago and have loved them.

Yes, glasses are way more expensive than they used to be. I like a good fit, so I buy locally versus online. But if you have a CostCo, check there first, because they don't just have killer prices, they have great service. We don't patronize Sam's Club so I'm just paying the nosebleed prices, but I always check CostCo before I buy anywhere else.

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