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It's been a whirlwind visit here in Rochester--I thought a week would give us plenty of time, but I still feel rushed, and it's hard to believe that tomorrow's our last full day here.

I've gotten a chance to see a lot of people I enjoy, and have been reminded of how strong our ties are to the community. Eight years is enough time to put down real roots, and to build real relationships. Lane keeps saying that he'd love to live in Seattle if he could just move all his friends there, and I know exactly how he feels.

I suspect my blogging will be very light over the next few weeks--not only because I'll be catching up from this trip, but also because I bought myself an early holiday present. I've been lured into the World of Warcraft, and I know myself well enough to know that I'm likely to fall hard for this. Since time won't expand to give me extra hours for gameplay, something has to give--and blogs (both reading and writing) may well be it. The good news is my kids will probably love it, so we can play it together.

(For those already playing, or thinking about starting, I'm currently a Dark Night Elf Druid named Musette, in the Khadgar realm, and have joined Joi's We Know guild.)


World of Warcraft is cool game. Unfortunately, I played it only on informal servers. There were constant glitches and lags. Now I want to start to play on an official server.

Actually, you're a Night Elf. ;) World of Warcraft is very excellent, but I know I'm quick to eschew other responsibilities in favor of my Rogue. My blog has suffered greatly.

On another note, my guild has a family that plays together. Some days the mother, father, and both kids are all on at the same time. (Actually, most days, I would guess.) An interesting take on family activities. Some days you hear the parents on Ventrilo (our voice communication software), "Well, you can play for a little longer, but remember you're waking up early tomorrow."

Liz -

I know what you mean too - we lived away from Seattle for 9 years and ended up taking at least one vacation a year back in Seattle and spent all the hours of that time running frantically from one friend to the next to see them all each visit. Finally we were able to move back.

on a related note - how much longer are you in Seattle? I'd still like to get you over to the UW to talk to some folks, if you're interested.

WoW is a good game but it is too atmospheric and people forgot about real life. Do you hear about a girl who died because of spending the whole day playing the WoW?

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