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I just got an IM ping from someone who was curious as to what was in the pile of articles I've decided to bring with me on my trip.

Right now my mind is buzzing with questions and ideas related to social bookmarking systems (like del.icio.us or Yahoo's MyWeb 2.0), information-seeking behavior, and information network formation, so most of my reading has at least a tangential connection with those topics. In no particular order, here's what I'm planning to dig into tomorrow:

I'm also listening to Alberto-Laszlo Barabasi's Linked on my iPod this week, and have ordered the book to be delivered to me in Rochester (I pay sales tax to Amazon if I have it delivered to me in Seattle, so it's worth getting it while in Rochester and lugging it back!)

Y'know, I'd really like a tool to allow a select group of people to build a collaborative bibliography. Something like CiteULike, but with the ability to create a specific set beyond simple tagging, and allow it to be added to by specific people. Is there any such collaborative bibliographic tool out there? (Maybe I should poke around and see if CiteULike or Connotea provide that capability...)


At UM, we get free access to RefWorks (http://www.refworks.com/), which is essentially a web version of EndNote. Since we get free access through the University, we can create multiple accounts. Under that setup, you can create an account and then share that username/password with others. It's pretty clunky but that might have what you're looking for . . . especially if RIT already has a campus-wide license.

I don't think it affords you the ability to give anyone read rights to that bibliography, though.

(Maybe I should poke around and see if CiteULike or Connotea provide that capability...)

You can certainly get very close to this in Connotea using a combination of the groups, tags and privacy features.

In summary, you would do the following:

* Create a user group and add the usernames of all your collaborators to it.

* All the references posted by any members of that group would then be collected together

* If you need privacy, you can choose to make references visible to just other members of the group

* Agree on a set of tags that would define your collaborative collection

* You can then view/export just the refs posted by members of the group using those tags as necessary.

I'd also be happy to discuss what other features we should add to Connotea to better meet your requirements.

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