best laid plans


World of Warcraft is taking a back seat today, because my 93-year-old grandmother's health has taken a turn for the worse, and she had to be moved to the hospital last night (she lives in an assisted living facility here in Rochester, but had taken a fall two weeks ago and was in the rehab unit at the affiliated nursing home).

As a result, I'm actually teaching a class today to cover for my mom, who's over at the hospital--it's an experimental writing class, so I'll be talking about online narrative forms. God bless you, Jill, for putting so much great stuff online!


I'm so sorry about your grandmother - but I'm pleased that my stuff's useful to you. And now of course I'm curious as to what you ended up teaching?

I'm sorry about your grandmother, I hope she recovers. I just wanted to say how impressed I was at the idea of a multigenerational teaching team. That's pretty cool.

Yeah, the idea is really good - we had the same in our school!

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