havin' a party


dc_e_fuzzyWe're having a (small) party on Friday night for my birthday, and Weez has been dropping fabulous discs in my office to fit the "cocktail lounge" theme that we've chosen.

The best of the bunch is one called Ultra-Lounge, which has (I kid you not) a leopard-print velour cover on the disc.

Turns out that UltraLounge has a web site, complete with streaming lounge music and a whole lotta compilations. w00t! I'm craving the Tiki Sampler...may have to acquire that one for myself.


Don Box mentioned the Richard Cheese CD and I pointed to my Lounge Tribute to Black Sabbath CD. (http://www.lazycoder.com/weblog/index.php?p=53)

The UltraLounge series is the best. The Vegas Baby! CD has a green felt cover with a roulette wheel in the middle. I think the Tiki Sampler is my favorite though.

Happy Birthday, Liz! Hope it's a good one.

After I bought that Ultra-Lounge CD, everytime I had people over for a party, there would always be someone who I would catch rubbing the cd case on the side of their face...like they just couldn't believe someone would cover a cd case with this stuff...and the music is good on top of all that!

I think Wild Cool & Swingin' is my favorite of the series.

Happy Birthday, Liz!

Happy Birthday, Liz! Have fun!!!

Crap, Liz! I saw on Orkut that your birthday was coming up and meant to send you an e-card or something. Gah. Happy belated!

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