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howard rheingoldHoward Rheingold arrives in Rochester tonight, and will be speaking on campus tomorrow evening at 7:30pm as part of RIT's Gannett Lecture Series.

If you've ever heard Howard speak, you probably don't need me to tell you it's well worth attending the talk. If you haven't heard Howard speak...well, it's well worth attending the talk!

You can visit Howard's web site for more information on him, and/or the Smart Mobs site that supports his excellent recent book.

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Awesome. Thanks for the headsup. Somehow I didn't make the connection, even though I read Smart Mobs regularly and have been keeping up with the Gannett itinerary.

BTW: Hi. You saw me earlier. I was the guy with the small laptop and the question about language at the Loss Glazier talk. And the guy helping herd the small children next to your car. Aka xavier on IRC.

I was going to introduce myself in person, but it seemed odd saying "I'm that guy you met briefly on IRC who you probably don't remember, during SXSW".

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