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  • The teaching load at Middlebury is specified as "3-1-2" by the Educational Affairs Committee (EAC), with appropriate application by individual departments and the Provost. Colleagues on regular appointment at all ranks are expected to share equally in teaching and advising, including independent and senior work, and to share in the day-to-day tasks necessary for the administration of our academic programs. Middlebury Faculty who are not scheduled to teach during Winter Term are expected to remain available on campus during the month of January.
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  • "The current load, mandated by the University’s Partnership Agreement with the Governor, is 4.8 “primary courses” per regular faculty. The recent audit carried out by the Bureau of State Audits (BSA), shows that we are in fact carrying a load of 4.9, but it was also discovered that 28% of all UC courses have fewer than six students and 13%, fewer than three; some of the latter group are indistinguishable from independent study. "
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  • "research-active faculty in departments with graduate programs will teach two courses (six hours), with the remainder of their assignments in research and service. In undergraduate departments, the instructional norm is nine hours of instruction, with the remaining hours designated to research and service."
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