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  • Great tool for checking how your web page will look at various screen resolutions. Perfect for use in class.
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  • The teaching load at Middlebury is specified as "3-1-2" by the Educational Affairs Committee (EAC), with appropriate application by individual departments and the Provost. Colleagues on regular appointment at all ranks are expected to share equally in teaching and advising, including independent and senior work, and to share in the day-to-day tasks necessary for the administration of our academic programs. Middlebury Faculty who are not scheduled to teach during Winter Term are expected to remain available on campus during the month of January.
    (tags: teachingload)
  • "The current load, mandated by the University’s Partnership Agreement with the Governor, is 4.8 “primary courses” per regular faculty. The recent audit carried out by the Bureau of State Audits (BSA), shows that we are in fact carrying a load of 4.9, but it was also discovered that 28% of all UC courses have fewer than six students and 13%, fewer than three; some of the latter group are indistinguishable from independent study. "
    (tags: teachingload)
  • "research-active faculty in departments with graduate programs will teach two courses (six hours), with the remainder of their assignments in research and service. In undergraduate departments, the instructional norm is nine hours of instruction, with the remaining hours designated to research and service."
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  • (tags: teachingload)

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  • "There is, of course, nothing socialist in any of Mr. Obama’s policies, as anyone with a passing knowledge of socialism and its evil history knows. But in this country, unlike actual socialist countries, nobody can be compelled to listen to the president. What is most disturbing about all this is what it says about the parents — and the fact that they have such little regard for their children’s intelligence and ability to think."

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  • A nice piece on how it feels to have anonymous hate mail every time you write you publicly. "All of it is, inevitably, anonymous - people will say stuff in letters and as anonymous commenters that they never would say in person, much less on a telephone....I write this not to complain, nor to Broder-ish case for "comity" and "bipartisanship," but to simply point out that I think there is some truth to the idea that the political discourse in this country has gotten toxically coarse to the point where we're not having any kind of discussion about substance at all."

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  • A four-minute animated video intended to explain Microsoft's cloud computing platform, Azure. Still assumes a bit of technical knowledge, but a good starting point for creating user-friendly explanations of cloud computing (which I need to provide in a workshop on Monday).

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  • Very nice site that runs your search through bing, Google, and Yahoo, and gives you the results in three unidentified columns. After you "vote" for the best set of results, you're shown which search engine generated each column.

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  • "[Ebay] bought Skype from entrepreneurs Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis for $US2.6 billion in 2005, but this did not include a core piece of peer-to-peer communications technology that powers the software." It's hard to fathom how Ebay could have been so stupendously stupid. But the greediness of the original developers is pretty astonishing as well.

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  • Seems to be one of the best overall sites with travel info on Amsterdam. Some nice 1, 2, and 3-day sightseeing itineraries, good practical info on transportation, etc. Wish I'd found it before I left, since it has a nice section of printable resources.
  • Excellent guide to how train tickets work in Amsterdam. Better than what the Eyewitness guide offered. (I really wish Offbeat Guides would let me add PDFs to my printed guide, so I could grab pages like this to include.)
  • This worked like a charm. (I also disabled a Microsoft .NET related addon that I doubt I need.) Firefox 3.51 on my Asus went from slower than mud to downright zippy.
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  • Side-by-side search for information about the sleeping pill Ambien. The bing results are considerably better, because the sidebar offered me a direct link to information on side effects, and the top result was an informative Mayo Clinic article.
  • Took me forever to figure out how to find my "web services password" so I could have delicious post links directly to my blog. This site finally told me the secret: you have to click on your user name in the MT dashboard, and then "reveal" your webservices password on that screen. Not intuitive, and not well documented at all on the MT site. >.<

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