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I've got a couple of tech items that I really like to bring on trips. Some are obvious--my phone and charger, my ipod and headphones (those first two will get compressed by my purchase of an iphone next month), my computer and power cord and video dongle.

But some are less obvious, and I thought I'd share them with my readers, and solicit ideas for other really useful travel items.

1) An airport express. Takes up less space than a power adapter, but gives me in-bed wireless access even when the hotel offers only a wired connection in the hotel room. Plug the airport express into the wall, run the cable into it, and presto...your own wifi network. Better yet, you can share it with family members or friends without having to pay for each computer to connect over the wired access.

2) A NeatReceipts scanner. Fits easily into my computer bag, and makes it so much easier for me to keep track of my expenditures on a trip and submit an expense report in a timely way. Also good for slurping up other pieces of paper that I don't want to have to schlep around with me but don't want to throw away.

3) A small GPS unit. Our car has its own GPS now, so this can become a permanent part of my travel gear. Great for car rentals in unfamiliar cities, without paying a ridiculous premium to the rental agency.

This week, I read about an excellent addition to the list--a lovely compact power strip that my friend Karen Schneider refers to as "social hardware." It's only $17 at Amazon, so I ordered one to be shipped to my hotel here in Redmond, and I should have it before the next leg of my trip. I really could have used it on the first leg, and I know it will be very useful in hotel rooms as well as airports.

So...what's your useful travel gadget, the one that you won't leave home without? I'd love to know about it!

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That document scanner is tres cool. My wife and I have been tracking our purchases closely lately, and it would be great if we could scan in our receipts with minimal effort and enter in the totals when we had time.

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