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I brought two computers with me on this trip to Redmond--my Macbook Pro, and the Thinkpad that I need to return to MSR when the symposium is over.

The reason that I kept the Thinkpad until now was that a lot of key symposium information was in my copy of Outlook, and Outlook 2007 doesn't offer any easy or obvious way to export a batch of messages.

Unfortunately, when we arrived here at the hotel and tried to turn on the Thinkpad, it appeared to be completely and utterly dead. Wouldn't start up, wouldn't light up the charging light when plugged in. Ack! But after having gotten up at 4:30am eastern time for our flight, I was in no shape cognitively to do much about it.

This morning I woke up somewhat refreshed, and took another look at the machine. There were no obvious problems visible from the exterior, and the whole thing seemed to be purely power related. Finally it occurred to me to not just remove and replace the battery (which I'd tried), but to remove it and then plug in the power cord. Success! The power indicator light came on, and the machine starts up.

I'll grab the information I need off the machine, and then see if reinserting the battery allows it to be recognized now. But I'm delighted that the immediate problem of "how do I get that data back right now" has bee solved. :)

Now if only all the problems that are bound to arise over the next three days can be resolved that easily...

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