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Is 45 too old to change a lifelong bad habit? I'm going to try to find that out this year, because I'm really, really tired of being surrounded by clutter. It's what happens when two people who are packrats ("we might need this someday!") live together for more than a decade.

As I sit here this morning, enjoying a rare moment of complete peace and quiet in the house (everyone else is sleeping late), I'm realizing that I'm not able to really enjoy this little oasis of calm because of the stuff all around me...colored pencils on the floor from Alex's homework, two days of newspaper on the coffee table, covering up remote controls and ipods and flyers from the middle school, a backpack spilling its contents out onto an ottoman, cables CDs and yarn jostling for space on the end table. There's nothing even resembling a clean surface anywhere around.
I picked up a book yesterday called It's All Too Much, and I really like it. It starts with a discussion of why you've got the clutter, and about the relationships we have to our "stuff" and how that negatively impacts our quality of life. Then it outlines what looks like a manageable approach to paring down the amount of stuff you're holding onto.

In June, when I was living by myself in a furnished apartment with only the suitcase of clothes that I'd brought, it was easy to keep things clear, and I really enjoyed it. When I walked in the door after work, the space felt welcoming and relaxing rather than overwhelming. I want to get that feeling back, and I know it's going to take a huge amount of work and mental retraining (for all of us) to accomplish that.


It's nice to know someone faces the same challenges. Growing up, my dad would get after us for clutter when he came in off the road each week. But, after retirement, he spread clutter throughout the house! It does drain quite a bit of our psychic energy - thanks for sharing the book title.

wait a minute, now....I might have a memory like a steel sieve, but I DO recall a former post where you read a different book to get rid of clutter. So is this clutter creep? Does it not work on future generations of clutter because the clutter becomes immune to the old system and thus needs a new? Kinda like cockroaches adapting to poisons? How utterly depressing. I will just give in to the clutter battle now. Oh wait...I already have! **huge grins**


Yes, I've tried many approaches. I have no idea if I'll be more successful this time, but I can hope.

ummm. yes 45 is too late.

but I always think of you as super organized.

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