when there are no words


I found out on Monday morning that a close friend's husband had died suddenly on Sunday. He was only 56, and next month would have been their twentieth anniversary.

This week was a blur, spent mostly in Buffalo helping with arrangements and providing as much comfort as I could.

At least three times I've sat down to write about Chuck, and each time I've abandoned it. There are no words. So I'm going to stop trying. Not everything belongs here on this blog, and it seems clear that this doesn't.

But don't expect much chatter here for a while.


I'm sorry for you loss, Liz.

I'm so sorry. Grieving takes a while - but I also know that folks we lose like this stay with us for the long run - they pop up in our consciousness often and sweetly. Nearly 10 years ago, I lost a close friend when she was 32 - I still carry her with me and think of her a lot (though the pain of grieving has lessoned). My partner lost a friend a few weeks ago - and I know that it's going to take a while for her pain to abate. Gentle thoughts all around for you and Chuck's loved ones.

I'm so sorry, Liz.

Oh man... I've also discovered that some things can't be expressed on the blog -- and it's best left that way.

I can't imagine what your friend is going through. It's good that you're there for her during this time -- that's all that people can do, but that's what your friend probably needs most.

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