three thousand, two hundred, and forty-two


Marc In a press release this morning, the US Department of Defense announced casualty number 3,242 in the Iraqi War: Staff Sergeant Marc Golczynski, who was killed by enemy fire in Al Anbar province on Tuesday, March 27th.

Boy at Cross - Arlington WestFor our family, this wasn't just a number. Marc was my stepdaughter's best friend, someone she's known and been close to since they were both in junior high. In a few days, she'll be in Tennessee for his funeral, along with his ex-wife, his eight-year-old son, his parents, his brother, and dozens of people who loved and cared about him. These same people had planned to be gathering soon, but for a different reason--Marc was scheduled to come home from his second tour of duty in Iraq next month.

Look at this list of DoD news releases. Every single day they release the names of people killed. People with family, with friends, with a life that's been cut short. How many of us are really paying attention? How much faster will this list grow as more troops "surge" into Iraq to replace the ones who have fallen?


I live in the UK, and visited the Arlington National Cemetery last September. That's when I became aware of the real statistics of Iraq. I believe on average 30 people a week are buried there.

I don't think people are paying attention, because its so much easier to bury your head in the sand. That coupled with the fact that its in the interests of politics, or an agenda to bury such statistics.

My thoughts go out to your stepdaughter and Marc's family.

Oh I am sorry. E. told me about Marc when we came over for dinner. What a sad day.

Marc was a friend of mine and my heart goes out to his family and friends right now, especially his little boy.

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