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I just read Kathy Sierra's blog post about the death threats she's received, and I'm sick to my stomach about the whole thing.

Anyone who's ever met Kathy knows that she's a wonderful, gracious, warm, caring person. It's inconceivable to me that someone would say those kinds of things about her, make those kinds of threats, post those images. Inconceivable.

Why does it not surprise me that a site set up specifically to foster online bullying would eventually lead to this kind of awful result?

Kathy, if you find your way to this post, I hope you know that the number of people who respect you and care about you is far, far greater than those who post or condone that kind of anonymous, cowardly filth. And I hope that you're able to find your way out of the fear and anger and back a place of peace. You have always been an incredible inspiration to me, and I'm heartsick about what's happened.


Note from Etech-I noticed Kathy's cancellation before finding the reason here. I absolutely understand her decisions, and I hope that we the community find a way to fix this kind of behavior.

Liz, I had the same exact stomach flipping reaction - as I am certain anyone reading Kathy's post would have to have. It was beyond inconceivable and deeply upsetting on so many levels. I hope Kathy finds her way back because I, for one, learned so much from her blog. I hope there is a huge outcry on all blogs about this and that this kind of horrific and vicious attack (too mild a word) is not tolerated ever again.

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