my district's democractic congressional candidate has a MySpace site!

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When Rochester was redistricted a few years ago, my suburb was grouped with a bunch of very conservative rural areas rather than the Democratically-leaning city and close-in suburbs we'd been with. As a result, I went from being represented by Democractic congresswoman Louise Slaughter to Republican congressman Randy Kuhl. Most defiintely not an improvement

Today I found that our district's Democratic candidate, Eric Massa, actually has a MySpace site. I'm impressed. Not just a Democrat, but a net-savvy Democract? Could we get that lucky? I sure hope so.

I'll definitely be voting for Massa in November.

(My father, who lives in Buffalo, will actually be able to vote for Tom Reynolds' opponent!)

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I'm not sure that having a MySpace page makes someone "net-savvy"!

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