preteen rebellion in the digital age

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It's one thing to know that your kids are likely to reject your basic ideas about what's good and what isn't. It's another to watch it unfold in front of your eyes.

Lane scored a home run in the rejection of parental values category with his Powerpoint paean to bullet points. (The link is to his blog entry, which in turn links to the Quicktime version of the actual presentation.)

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I like Lane's three part approach.

Bullet one - Parsing is important; bullets (and the accompanying carriage return and line feed) help with parsing

Bullet two - Nominalist mnemonics: names are important; they help you remember (the parsing concept) and assist you in communicating (shorthand is geek glory)

Bullet three - Morphing of Form: once you know what it does (control parsing) and you have a name for it (common names make concepts sharable) you then have a path to potential future applications and innovation

Lane has some solid design principles at work/play in the presentation.
Observe. Name. Vary.
I suspect that comes from observing at guru-mom at work/play.


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