i give up


Today I tried changing the name of the comment script on my site, thinking that might at least slow the barrage of sp*m that took the whole server down this month.


Within seconds of changing the script variable in the config file, I had my first new spam message.

I give up.

To comment on the site now, you will have to use a (free) TypeKey ID. Sorry. I hate to do that--nobody needs yet another hoop to jump through or password to remember. But I simply can't spend any more time trying to safeguard the site. :(


Just checking to see if the TypeKey ID works. I guess it does... Hope your spam is gone forever.

How frustrating! I'm using WordPress and I have had to judiciously add a lot of words to my blacklist in order not to be overwhelmed by morning moderation.

Yes, it works. :) And it's *so* nice not to have to make spam cleanup part of my daily routine.

Dang. That sucks. At least a Typekey ID isn't that hard to get.

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