in praise of rochester: air travel edition

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I've decided to start an irregularly occurring series of posts on why I genuinely love living in Rochester. People who live in big cities never seem to entirely believe me when I tell them I enjoy this city, so it seems worth documenting why (beyond the fact that my mother, father, grandmother, and sister all live less than hour from my house).

Today's reason? The ease of travelng out of the city. I have a 6:50am flight this morning, for which I left my house at 5:22am. I was walking in the door of the airport at 5:37, was checked in (with a bag checked through) by 5:50, and was through security by 6:05. That left me time to get a great latte from a local coffee roaster that has an airport branch, pick up a couple of magazines, settle down near an easily accessible power outlet, and grab some of the free wifi that the local telco provides here in the airport. Try that on a Friday morning in a major metro area!

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Sure, you may have a *nice* airport, but the DC area makes up for the lack of quality with quantity.

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