ain't it funny how time slips away?

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Wow. How did it get to be mid-August already?

We're settling back in, still happy to be back. But I'm starting to feel that old familiar twinge of "you really ought to be [prepping for classes/answering emails/working on grant research/writing articles/building software]." Relaxation doesn't come easily to me, and the world doesn't stop expecting things just because I'm feeling the need for some downtime.

I'm going to try to implement a regular routine of exercise and scheduled office time starting Monday--not so much time working that I feel that I've totally lost my summer to work, but enough to help shut up the gremlins in my head who keep reminding me of all my open loops.

And I really, really, really want to try to get organized this fall. That means re-reading (and setting aside a full day to implement) a GTD system. I'm getting my new MacBook Pro early this week (it shipped last week, so this time it's for real), and I want to set it up in a way that will facilitate my getting things done -- which means I'll be spending a lot of time in Merlin's archives.

For today, however, I figure I've earned my downtime with the three hours I spent cleaning the pre-installed crap off of my Vaio and then installing and running virus and spyware protection tools. It seems to have fixed whatever was causing slowdowns on my system, but I continue to marvel over how frustrating it is to configure a Windows system in a stable, workable way--particularly in comparison to setting up and configuring a Mac.

(No, I have no plans to follow the PC elite and install Ubuntu Linux on my Vaio...but it is extremely entertaining to watch Nick Carr's prediction come true.)

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