happy 9th birthday, alex!


3boysdec96.jpgToday is Alex's 9th birthday. We started the day with his big-ticket gift--a Lego Mindstorms Robotic Inventions 2.0 set--and will end it with a dinner at the Space Needle (his requested venue).

I realized today that in some ways, Alex inspired my first blog, long before "weblog" made its debut in the dictionary. Take a look at this pregnancy updates page...stories about my pregnancy, each individually dated and presented in reverse chronological order. Sure looks like a blog to me. :)

There are other nice things on that long-forgotten site, as well. A photo of Lane holding Alex in my hospital room the day after he was born, the detailed birth story (warning: contains gory and painful details), and even my far-too-optimistic and ultimately useless birth plan.

It's such a cliché to say "they grow up so fast." But that's because it's so very true. He's not a chubby-cheeked baby anymore--he's a sleek pre-teen with a sharp wit and an impish smile. But he's still my baby.

Happy birthday, baby!


I think I took that picture. And yes, it seems like yesterday. Happy birthday, Alex! Love, Grandma

My goodness, but you have a beautiful family! Your birth plan just went into my bookmarks; optimistic though it may be, I hope to use it for planning in a few years.

The way you talk about your children, and relate to them, is just how I'd like to relate to mine when they appear. Happy Alex's birthday, Liz! (And happy happy, Alex!)

The "uselessness" of your birth plan reminded me of Eisenhower's quote "I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable".

I've been thinking of getting Evan, who turns 10 next Monday, the same gift, but was postponinng until the December gift-giving season, when the local weather will provide longer periods where indoor activities are welcome.

I hope you'll [photo]blog Alex's robotic inventions!

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