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(I wrote this a couple of days ago, but have had trouble getting ecto to talk to my server... :( )

Things I've done since returning from New York (besides work):

  • Took my 8-year-old to see Corpse Bride on Friday (my 11yo saw it Saturday), and Serenity on Saturday (he and I are both big Firefly fans)
  • Watched seven episodes from the first season of Lost (am working my way through the series via Netflix as quickly as possible)
  • Beat We Love Katamari (there's are still more cousins to be collected, and comets to be won, but I've successfully completed every task at least once)

That's a lot of hours looking at non-computer screens.

I used to tell people who asked where I found the time for blogging that it was time reclaimed from watching TV. Given the lack of blogging during this big and small screen media frenzy of mine, it looks as though I was right...

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I'm reminded of the "Media Deprivation week" from The Artist's Way at Work (a variation of the "Reading deprivation" week that was part of the original Artist's Way, too). I rarely watch TV or movies, but spend a great deal of my time in front of the smaller screen of my laptop. I tried several of the exercises and suggestions from this program (e.g., morning pages and artist dates), but find it hard to move beyond a single media deprivation day.

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