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It's funny the things that stick in your mind about a place, and the ways those memories are triggered. Taking the shuttle from JFK into Manhattan, I looked out through the window at the rain-slicked streets and reflected lights and was transported back to a similar shuttle van ride I took before I'd graduated from high school. It was startling how vividly I recalled the moment--I was on my way to the airport that time, and was trying to figure out how to ask a guy to a school dance when I returned home.

That kickstarted a series of disjointed memories of New York trips. There was the Internet World conference in December of '93, where I first saw a professionally-made graphical web page (it was the O'Reilly Global Network Navigator, or GNN), and had the immediate sensation that I was looking at the future of information. There was the first trip I took to NYC after living in Tuscaloosa for a while--it felt so good to be in a real city that time, to see the energy and buildings and lights. There was the trip with Gerald to see Little Feat play two shows at the BB King blues club.

I really do love New York. I love the greengrocers on the corner, with their brightly-colored produce contrasting with the gray buildings. I love the proliferation of international restaurants, the halal hotdog vendors, smorgasbord of personal styles, the lights and the noise. I wouldn't want to live here...I like having a house, a yard, green space nearby. But I don't want to give up my visits, either, because they always end up making me feel just a little more alive.


I love NYC too - I always try to stay down near the square. Had a wonderful conference there a couple of years ago at the New School - great stuff, and wonderful food.

I always thought the ideal life would be to have a home in the City (I grew up in Brooklyn so Manhattan and "the City" mean the same thing to me) and a home in the county. Perhaps CT or perhaps the Hamptons. The best of both worlds. I haven't been to the City is a while though so perhaps it is time again. Thanks for the reminder of what it is like.

I've been thinking about NYC and how much I miss it a lot lately. I feel the same way: want a house with green in a state not too far away (maybe MA) but need to visit NYC every now and then.

I find it comforting that you are only a 6 hour drive away instead of a l hour flight.

Yeah, I actually found it comforting to be closer to you, too. :)

You bring it all back for me. I lived on Manhattan, fresh away from Puget Sound, from 1961-1964. (I didn't reach Rochester until 1972, after a tour in Blue Bell, PA.)

I have the same sense every time I have an opportunity to return to New York City.

[I also miss reading your posts. I cratered my Tablet PC on September 17, and am just now recovering feeds on the new machine that was its emergency replacement. Now it feels more like home here too [;<).

The commuter trains going into New York are good enough so that you can have a house with a yard and still be in Grand Central Station within an hour.

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