it's not over 'til it's over (sponsored post)

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It turns out that since I started the Marqui program a month later than the other bloggers, my contract extends for a month longer than theirs. So while I probably won't sign another contract, you'll be seeing a few more posts from me while I complete the terms of this contract.

I'll use part of that time to berate them about their web site. I wanted to use a screen shot as part of a series of "software as service" examples in my talk this week (along with Basecamp and TypePad), but I couldn't find a single page that had a clear enough message that I could put the screen shot up there and have it mean anything. Feh.

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Hi Liz,

We appreciate your comments on our site, although I'd love a bit of a clarification. Were you looking for actual screen shots? Or were you looking for more graphical shots? I just started updating the site last week (as a result of your last post) and agree we still need more graphics. But I hope you'll find that we're better defining who we're selling to now.

Glad you'll be around for the next week or two. We enjoy your perspective.

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