word of the day: mondegreens

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Ah, the fun of following a trail of links.

Anil had an interesting comment thread--he asked people to share what was in their Google search box (assuming that they had either the Google toolbar or Firefox running). One of his commenters ("hitormiss") wrote "'bathroom on the right' - I was trying to figure out if the concept of misheard lyrics had a specific name."

I was pretty sure that there was a word misheard lyrics, but I didn't know what it was. So I typed "misheard lyrics" into Google, and followed one of the first links to kissthisguy.com, which collects many misheard lyrics. They, in turn, had an FAQ that linked to an SFGate column by Jon Carroll entitled "Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh." It's wonderful. Highly recommend for laugh-out-loud reading (in other words, don't read this during class, or a staff meeting, or anywhere else where muffled giggles might get you in trouble).

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