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For months now I've been avoiding scales, since I could tell by the growing pile of clothes that no longer fit me that I'd been putting on weight. Yesterday at the gym I braved the scale at last, and the news was every bit as bad as I feared. I've done a good job of taking care of my emotional and intellectual needs over the past year, but I've not been so good about the physical side.

So, I've got a pre-New Year's resolution--cardio every day, weights every other day, healthier food, and smaller portions. I really want to take the extra pounds off, if only to protect my wallet from the need for a new set of clothes.

I don't like diets, and I don't stick with them, so please don't tell me how South Beach or Atkins or some other diet plan is all I really need. What I really need is to be as in-shape and healthy as I was when I was working out regularly. It boosts my mood and my energy--diets don't do that. And I love food much too much to deprive myself of carbs, or butter, or any of the other things that make the world go round. (I can, and will, start being better about portion sizes, though.)

By my birthday in 2005 I would like to be at the same weight that I was at on my 40th birthday in 2002. The proof of that will be that I will once again be able to fit into the leather body suit from Northbound Leather that so entertained the denizens of #joiito. (Oh, calm down...they only saw the Northbound photo! I do have some modesty, y'know!)


Want a buddy? I'm a few years (and I suspect many pounds) ahead of you, but am wrastling with the same reality. Actually, I started yesterday and pulled a muscle in my upper back!

Good for you. In support of the tried-'n-true methods: yeah. A woman I work with has made fantastic progress over this past year. I noticed that she didn't have the usual somewhat-gaunt look that seems to come with the newer methods.

So I asked her about it. Sure enough, she swears by "sensible" meals, "regular" exercise, plus (what she says works for her) a lot of yoga that takes the edge off the stress and strain. She says she's not so sure the yoga part has much to do with it, but it doesn't hurt either.

Good luck. We'll be watching! (Bwah ha hah <--dastardly laugh)

[Damn. After my "Bwah ha hah" (above), I drew an ASCII arrow using a left carrot and a couple of dashes. Gotta remember not to do that in HTML! Anyway, "Bwah ha hah" is my dastardly laugh.]

Robert, I fixed your dastardly laugh :) And yes, sensible meals and regular exercise work really well--I know that because I've been here before. This time I have to lose about 15 pounds instead of 40, so it's a little less daunting.

And Nancy--sure! I have a local exercise buddy, but a virtual one is good, too!

Well, y'know, you told me not to say this but I will anyway. Sandy and I have been doing South Beach since March. We don't look gaunt, and it's livable. It's really just a commitment to fewer refined carbohydrates, less fat, and more veggies (and more control over the portions of carbs that we do eat, such as fruit). Frankly, we feel and look better than we have in ages. And it's not like Atkins, which is an extreme (and I think unhealthy) diet that doesn't work unless you're absolutely strict. With South Beach, unless you have your family on a strict macaroni and pasta diet, you can also serve family meals and simply modify your servings so you are eating fewer carbs than your kids and spouse.

I try to get to the gym every other day. But even on weeks when I don't, I'm sleeping better, feeling better, and (I'd like to think) looking better. I am buying jeans at the Gap and wearing dresses I've been afraid to try on for years. Sandy has really slimmed down quite a bit, and gets up earlier with more energy than she has in ages! Plus one day a week is a "reward" day when we enjoy a favorite "refined" carb, such as pasta or pho.

But whatever you do, good luck!

My granma had this great truth :

The weight you have at 40 is the minimum weight for the rest of your life :-(

To which my other (fatter) granma added:

Reckon on adding a kilo each year :-(

Stu Savory

So what does a virtual exercise blog buddy practice look like?

I call what I do a way of life, not a diet, because if you simply change what you eat, which is what most people think of when they say diet, you'll never succeed. (The best programs recognize this, but their users often don't.) Good luck with your plan. Sounds like you have it well in hand.

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