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Wednesday, 3 November 2004

america, the beautiful


The people have spoken.

Four more years.

(Video of Bush giving what he terms on the tape as “the one-fingered victory salute” via David Weinberger; his sources say it’s from a taping of an Austin tv show late in Bush’s term as governor of Texas.)

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democratic codependency

Okay, I’ve gotten the pettiness out of my system now, I hope.

The irony is that at the end of the day, my life probably won’t be significantly disrupted by the results of this election. But many of the “heartland” people who voted for Bush—they’re the ones whose children will die in the war, whose health care will be stripped away, whose jobs will be at risk. And the people most likely to be drafted into this war didn’t care enough to vote—youth turnout was no higher this year than it was four years ago, it seems.

Yes, I know that many people who didn’t vote for Bush—whether here or abroad—will be affected, as well. I’m not trivializing that. Just noting the irony that here in the US, Bush’s “base” is likely to suffer more than many of his detractors.

Viewed through the filter of my recovery process, it feels as though the democrats are the co-dependents in this country, and the republicans are the addicts. We keep thinking if we just tell them they’re doing the wrong thing that they’ll see the error of their ways and change their behavior. But they won’t—at least not through our sheer forces of will or displays of rationality.

Hand-wringing will get us nowhere. Lessig is right…we need to let it go, and move forward. We need to fix ourselves before we try to repair those we see as misguided. We need to understand how we encourage and enable what looks to us like insanity. (One of the things that people in Al-Anon come to realize is that they often end up looking far more insane than the addict in their lives.)

So, what happens next? Me, I’m taking a break from political thought for a couple of weeks. And then I need to think hard about how I become a force for positive change, rather than simply a shrill critic of what I see that’s wrong.

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encouraging words

Dorothea from CavLec passed this LJ journal entry on to me, and it helped my mental state a bit:

We have three choices: we can leave, which (as our friends who are not citizens of this country will tell us) will hardly save us from the effects of the Imperial Presidency. We can give in to despair. Or we can live as if what we do matters, even when we feel the most victimized, the least powerful. Let’s face it, those of us with computers, and LiveJournals, and roofs over our heads are not the most victimized.

Amen, sister.

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