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Tuesday, 2 November 2004

i'm a party (line) girl...

Good morning!
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I exercised my civic duty this morning, and was delighted to see a much larger number of cars than usual in the parking lot of the school where I vote. I know our votes won't count much in the presidential race, but they will in the congressional races.

I don't spend a lot of time poring over each candidate's statements and views--my daddy raised me on party line politics, and that's still how I cast my votes.

Now, this isn't blind vote-casting. My dad's a retired political science professor, who's spent his entire adult life watching and studying electoral processes. His advice to me was to vote for the party whose platform and politics I wanted implemented, rather than for the imperfect people representing those parties.

It reminds me a lot of a line in the "twelve traditions" of AA and Al-Anon--the one where it says "ever reminding us to place principles above personalities."

It's easy to ignore negative advertising when it focuses on the person rather than the issues. It's easy, too, to be fooled by advertising that pushes the character of the candidate over his or her positions on those issues.

At the end of the day, the ideas and goals of the Democratic Party are the ones that I believe in, so voting is easy.

We still use those lovely mechanical machines--the ones they've been using since I was a small child. I love pulling the lever to close the curtains--it has such a solid sound to it, a definitive announcement of presence. And there's no mistaking the line of levers next to my party of choice. (On some machines, there's actually a lever that lets you select all the party's candidates at once; this machine required me to select them individually.)

And then, with one more pull of the lever, my votes are cast. I take the self-congratulatory sticker from the gray-haired man by the door, and walk back out into the rain. It's going to be a long day.

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speaking of parties...

Don’t forget, Weez and I are hosting one tonight in the IT conference room (70-2400).

If you’re coming, it would be lovely if you brought a snack, drink, or dish to pass. But you’re under no obligation to do so. We’ll take up a pizza money collection at some point, too.

Those who can’t make it in person are welcome to hang out in irc:// (Use Mozilla to click on that link, or open the channel in a stand-alone IRC client if you prefer.)

I may have a Quicktime broadcast going, as well, if I can get an account set up on our local streaming server. Details to follow; I’ll update this post as necessary.

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