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Via Joi, this excellent remix of Republican scare tactics.

How do you run a convention on a record of failure? Play this movie to find out.


(Joi has a mirror if the link above doesn't work.)

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Here's a remix from the Republican Convention ("Keeping America Scared"), via Liz via Joi. I haven't been able to see it because of my sub-par connection here in the hotel. (BTW, I got to hang out with Liz at the fun drinks-and-snacks fest Microsoft pu... Read More

Amazing the statement that one person can now make when they spend a little time with video editing software. Here is the Republican National Convention reduced to a rather interesting two minutes: here and a mirrored copy (Joi Ito's Web: Read More

Great post on the fear tactics used by GOPers: mamamusings: terrizm! Screw them. Read More

Better than a noun-phrase map. discourse analysis re-mix of GOP convention (QuickTime) { via }... Read More

I spotted this video clip linked from mammusings and loved it so much I thought I would share. I say this with all seriousness, John Kerry's ads should look like this video clip. The Republicans do a great job of only ever mentioning Kerry in their ads... Read More


Poor choice of content for an otherwise excellent site.

This is a perfect example of how in America we live in a culture of fear; a fear propagated by the media and our leaders.

Thanks for sharing this.

At least Giuliani put in all the syllables.

Thanks for passing along this video clip. It's a great distillation of the tactics of fear.


Yup... this 2 minute video did a great job of sumarizing things. The rest of the convention was just to fluff out this basic re-election message.

Thanks for sharing this video clip. And, for the record, I disagree with Mike, "Poor choice of content for an otherwise excellent site." Keep up the good work!

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