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I'm spending the entire day today sitting in bed, finishing up powerpoint-for-pay that should have been done months and months ago, but that I've put off because it's such an unpleasant task.

The slides are to accompany a new edition of a data communication textbook that I used during my first two years at RIT, when I actually taught data comm classes. The money is good, but the work is tedious and unrewarding. Blah.

In a nice example of synchronicity, however, David Byrne is speaking here in Rochester tonight, about his creative work with PowerPoint! I just ordered a ticket to reward myself.


Ah, I remember when you taught me in Intro to Multimedia you always talked about your distain for powerpoints...

rage rage against the dying of the light.

Here's a PowerPoint resource for you:


Full of some good information.

I always wonder *why* people use PowerPoint. i think many times the slides end up being a distraction from the speakers message,
which then makes it counter productive to use PowerPoint. But then, that's just me.



I'm not a big fan of PowerPoint, but I'm not above taking money to create them for people who do like to use them in classes.

Byrne's talk was amazing, as is what he's done with PowerPoint. Will post more about it later.

I have yet to see a good PowerPoint presentation overcome a bad presenter. Peter Norvig said,

√��Ǩ≈�My belief is that PowerPoint doesn't kill meetings. People kill meetings. But using PowerPoint is like having a loaded AK-47 on the table: You can do very bad things with it.√��Ǩ��Ω

However, from an instructional standpoint, is there a faster or easier way to integrate individual learning objects?

Here are some pictures from Byrne's book & DVD √��Ǩ≈�Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information√��Ǩ��Ω

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