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I seem to get a lot more done in coffeeshops than in my office or at home--probably because there's nobody I know to talk to, and no seductive time-wasting tasks to distract me. Spin Cafféon Park Ave in Rochester has free wifi, accessible plugs, decent chairs, and excellent coffee and biscotti. Today I'm traveling with two laptops; one for writing, one for data analysis. And despite this blog entry as evidence to the contrary, I am actually getting something accomplished. I may even make my end-of-the-day deadline, and end up with one more monkey off my back. I hope so.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and early evening at Panera Bread, another free wifi/good coffee spot in Rochester, where I graded 35 papers and 24 websites. BooYah!, as the characters on my kids' favorite cartoon would say.

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I find myself far more productive out of the office than in.. I wrote about this here:

Great post - glad that you have some places like this in your neck of the woods...


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