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In the comments of my evangelism post on Friday, a discussion on the merits of Movable Type as a CMS for general purpose (non-blog-like) sites has begun. It got me thinking that it would be nice to have a list of sites using MT (or other weblog software) for more traditional CMS purposes.

So here's my start, with the stuff I know about. Feel free to add links in the comments, and when I finally get my wiki running, I'll shift it (and the edublogging resources page) over there. (Full disclosure: I've shamelessly stolen some of the examples from the Tutorials and References listed below...)



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It's common misconception that Movable Type is for blogging only. In truth, it's a lightweight content management system (CMS) that's primarily used for blogging. And out of the box, it is indeed configured for blogging, but that doesn't stop an enterp... Read More


Our school Website is on MT platform in most part. Also, we transform MT in a set of electronic portfolio. This year, we have 165 students (10-11 year's old) with each of them using two personal spaces (one public/one private) and seven classes using a collective space. Added with our 15 teachers professionnal cyberportfolios you have more than 350 CMS helping our community to manage knowledge and work together. To facilitate the learning process with those tools, the iXmedia team set-up for us an admin-console that I used to set permissions and access. It worked with a minimum of technical requirement for me as school principal...

We use Moveable Type for the Lewis Elementary web site... In addition we use it for an internal staff bulletin...

thank you for the resources: the rwj people like the blog idea, but told me to rewrite the proposal. they said not to be technical. they also like the social network ideas.

defined it today with a patient after she wanted me to speak to a cardiologist before i changed the meds: i said "you mean you want us doctors to form a network in regards to your mom's medical care."

yeah: thats what its called...

Hi Liz,

Here is another academic blogging resource for your list.

Guardian Unlimited > Inside the Ivory Tower:

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