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Upgrading from MT 2.65 to MT 3.01D today...there may be temporary wonkiness. Be patient.

Update: I think it's about done. Two big changes--one is that trackbacks and comments are no longer intertwingled, since SimpleComments doesn't work with MT3. The other is that commenters must now register with a TypeKey ID. I really hate to do that, but there's no blacklist tool available for MT3 (yet), and I need a way to halt (or at least slow) the barrage of spam. If/when a version of MT-Blacklist for MT3 is released, I'll probably remove the registration requirement.

Update 2: Per Karen's suggestion in the comments, I've changed the setup so that anyone can comment. Comments from people who've logged in to TypeKey will appear immediately, and comments from those who haven't will go into a moderation queue for approval. We'll see if it works.


It may only take a few small edits to to get SimpleComments working with MT3.

I haven't it tried it myself yet, and the author of those instructions was testing with MT3.0D, but it seems like it would work in principle.

Thanks, Carol.

At this point I've spent so much time tweaking the templates to get them to work with comments and trackbacks separate that I probably won't switch back even if SimpleComments does work. :)

FWIW, Blacklist is coming for MT3 soon as well:

Oh wow, you got TypeKey working. I've had shit luck with it with intermingles non-reg users and reg'd user settings set to on. It's still a little wonky but 3.0 is a step up.

this is too strict:

i find the plethora of opinions better than radio: i guess this site is in the public domain and i wonder how FCC guidlines intersect with this type of blacklisting software; especially when one has a dissedent opinion in regards to a NSF or NYState publically funded site.

I wonder if the spam is really that bad: i think it better for the blog public to grade each poster: it think vulgarities as posted above are oviously not in tune with good taste, especially for the tone of this blog, but yet the entry is allowed.

let the readers have the option to "ignore poster" feature. i think this is how yahoo deals with this problem. i fear that a consortium of blogs would blacklist individuals. this could not only be hurtful, but restrict freedom of speech.

further discussion about a blacklist tool is that it may be legally a messy thing. how does one set standards?

i think the way Howard Rheingold handles it with the feature on line magazine is the best way: if a post is really bad, it becomes hidden: if is very important, readers grade it as such, if its so so, it gets a lower grade. let the public figure what is spam: sometimes its obvious.


I'm not talking about people posting things I disagree with, though there are no legal issues at all--this is a private site, on which I make the rules, and those rules can be as arbitrary as I want.

What I'm talking about it the literally *thousands* of messages consisting solely of links to pornographic sites that regularly get posted to this blog (and many others) in an attempt to raise page rank for those sites. I've spent countless hours deleting those comments, and I'm tired of it.

As an example, take a look at this post from The Industry Standard. Be sure to check out the links on all of the short comments to get the full sense of it.

ok, thats sick: i don't need to hit the links.

i mean the FCC should do something about vulgarity: there should be fines agaist that. that like someone hitting me. if my child was surfing through that blog, i would consider those posts a serious as if someone flashed or abused my child. See, thats where i take the gloves off: those posts are criminal: and it takes a fight for the judge to understand that.

so if i had my patients posting glogs, this is a problem: i mean if i developed a team of visually impaired photographers and memory impaired persons, i would need someone to filter out the garbage. it is one of the reasons i kind of post here and there rather than have my own blog, cause i am scared of things going wrong with what i want to do.

Hey Liz, per the staff recc's from Movable Type, in MT 3.0, my settings are that I accept comments from unregistered visitors (in addition to accepting all Typekey visitors), BUT I moderate non-Typekey posts. I think the folks poking at blogs looking to send sp*m understand this in an automated fashion, because the first day I saw just a couple of nastygrams and now I see none most days. Yesterday I saw all of one, and of course I just deleted it before it was posted. I had about given up on comments before migrating to 3.0. So you might consider that approach.

Karen, thanks for the tip. I've changed the settings to that for now...TypeKey users can comment immediately, everyone else's comments go into a moderation queue. Will see how it goes.

it seems the spammers have created a tremendous intolerence to persons who are a bit different.

for example, so much social injury has occured because of spam, that persons who are socially creating a grammer to describe a social protest of sorts can find themselves classified as spam rather than thought provokers.

i did have my p2p thing erased: it was a serious alternative to pharmaceutical research. after being entertained by pfizer reps one day and forrest reps the next, i am beginning to realize that the studies that support me giving out their meds are not as good as my wiki/blogged ideas that intersect with signal processing and quantifing the "frontline health care network"

I think it would control the variables and determine the true prevalence of efficacy of a particular medicine.

but hey, it was unformed and rough, though i felt it was relavent to your academic theme.

i think that the spammers would destroy such real efforts at finding real science.


thats more fair: i submitted what i think is important view: lets see if its read and considered

Liz, how do you avoid having this error message display after someone comments on your site?

"Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at plugins/Blacklist/lib/Blacklist/ line 44."

It seems relatively common, based on the forums at Jay Allen's site.

When someone leaves a comment on one of my MT3.121 blogs, this message shows up. The comment still goes through, but why the wonkiness?

See, for example,

MT customer support told me it's a Blacklist problem, and they don't support 3rd-party applications. Jay Allen says it's an MT problem, so he has no solutions. Any thoughts?

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