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cleanup-smallAlex came to the office with me this morning, and graciously agreed to help me clean up. He spent a lot of time on the desk drawer, as you'll see from the stop-motion speedup of our work. (Click on the thumbnail to play the QuickTime video; one and a half minutes long, 3.4MB.)

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I have been busy with Western Pennsylvania School f/t Deaf yearbook to scan each page (yes) in and every every yearbook from 1969 to this year. I put all of them into Adobe Reader to reduce the file size,... Read More

WPSD Yearbook from daveynin's thing on August 10, 2004 4:30 PM

During my freelance work at Alumni Association of Western Pennsylvania School f/t Deaf, I asked president of alumni my idea to post whole WPSD yearbook in their site. Why not? I decide to do it. I got all 36 yearbooks,... Read More


no quick time at hospital library computer:

will check for dust later: fascinating: you got lots of books in the background: i used to win kudos with professors with memorizing books on self and then familiarizing myself with them prior to taking a class ( the more interesting classes like philosophy ect...) If i was a student again, i would drop by and photograph your book collection and then google search the authors and prepare myself with google researched questions prior lectures...its one thing to compete with the studends: its another to try and use mind expanding machines to "know" more than the prof...all just a silly way to memorize and learn more....

always wondered how the phi beta kappa people got them secrete keys...


bonding issues are key to human health: i think i see/witness all sorts of family dynamics with the elderly:lots of the family tempos start from early in life.

it all plays into healing: recording socialization and a public record is very new and old.

i think it introduces a vastness of the information superhighway as part of ones being. how we interrelate with society influences piagian stages; i do have a theory about this and it overlaps with neuroanatomy.

but it would take a while to empirically go through the motions to describe what i am trying to say. i think a public wiki to submit data of how persons acheive the new piagetian milestones in a wired world will fundamentally change our language. the tangental becomes more concrete: a grammer of enhanced perception evolved due to the enhanced stimulation of mind. overstimulation or understimulation is person specific and will evolve into future social opinion of what is normal and what is not.

it is odd to put out comments and then have commentors write back almost randomly coorelated with each personal glog ( an developing McCluhanian reality of personal daily logging of events and intercranial thoughts) that leads to a reintroduction of the socratic dialectic of ironic social interaction towards an evolving truth finding.

each individual statment has more meaning when a communal glogging becomes part of a big everyone infrastructure as opposed to a totalitarian big brother infrastructure. to maintain our healthy egalitarianism, we need to all have a balance of being able to surveillence and counter surveillence as villagers have done naturally for centuries: cities are abnormal to the human condition and are very differnent from a city state community.

i'll cut this short.


I'm sorry, but your office "before" looks far tidier than mine -- I'm hoping that within the next week I can get it to that state.

I won't even mention what my lab looks like. I've got a month's worth of glassware in the sink, for instance.

Hahaha! That was very entertaining! Now if only cleaning could be done in real time that fast.

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