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Saturday, 27 March 2004

distributed audiobook development

AKMA’s got a great idea. Take advantage of the Creative Commons license that Larry Lessig put on his new book Free Culture by having a bunch of people each record a chapter of it in audiobook format.

Amazing…I was thinking exactly the same thing today, about both Lessig’s book and Cory Doctorow’s eastern standard tribe.

Not only does this make the book more broadly accessible, but it has the added bonus of being a chance to hear real voices from the bloggers I know and love.

I have no strong preference on chapters, though I suppose the librarian in me likes the idea of Chapter 9 (“Collectors”), and the title of Chapter 11 (“Chimera”) is fabulous!

I nominate my friend Weez, who has a marvelous voice (which she uses as co-host of a local PBS radio show), for the Preface or Intro. Weez, you in?

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microsoft social software symposium

My colleagues and students (not to mention my family) have been making pointed comments lately about my absence. And while I’m worn out from traveling, and tired of being away from home, the last few months have been a great opportunity to extend my contacts in the technical world, and get a sense of what other people are doing and thinking about in emerging technologies.

Tomorrow morning I leave at the crack of dawn for my last scheduled trip this spring—I’ve been invited to the Social Software Symposium that’s being held by the Social Computing group at Microsoft Research (along with IBM Research and FX/Palo Alto).

There’ve been some complaints about the invitation-only nature of this gathering , which is understandable. There’s always an inclusion/exclusion issue when you try to keep a popular activity restricted in terms of size in order to enhance the quality of interaction. I know I was bummed not to be at FooCamp, or at Clay’s social software gathering a while back, but I was still glad to be able to see the ideas that emerged from both.

I am delighted to find that the symposium will be recorded, and the recordings made publicly available—and that those of us attending will be allowed/encouraged to blog and otherwise disseminate what’s going on. I’ll be blogging while I’m there, and hopefully using what I hear and learn to inform the things I’m working on curricularly and that I write about online (here, and there, and there).

Private note to Scott Koon: I would like to think that I don’t smell only of “soap and old books,” though as a librarian and a mom, I know that I probably do carry the permanent scent of both. And while I haven’t met many of the people who’ll be at this symposium, I know for a fact that danah boyd, Clay Shirky, and MImi Ito are all pretty far from most people’s ideas of stuffy Ivory Tower academics! :)

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