parking lot wifi?!?


I'm sitting in the parking lot outside the RIT gym. I was supposed to meet Weez here 20 minutes ago, but I forgot my ID, which is required for entrance. (Yes, RIT folks, I know you can get in without it--but I've done it so many times that they've told me I have to have it from now on... :/ ) My husband--who's mobile again, and back to taking care of me instead of the reverse--is en route with the ID, so I'm sitting in my car, waiting.

I figured I'd work on some course materials while I was here, so I opened up my laptop. Much to my amazement, I get a wifi signal out here! Not a strong one, but enough to get me online. Who'd have thought I could blog from my laptop while sitting in the middle of D Lot?


Last year, myself and someone else discovered we could get signal from five different access points in the middle of U Lot as well.

The Apple carpark is the same - when you put enough coverage in to fill the whole building, you get spillover, and line of sight is generally better in carparks than buildings.

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