using my powers for good?

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It will be interesting to see how quickly the unelectable meme spreads, and how long it takes for it to impact the search results for unelectable.

(Thanks to George and Kieran for the heads-up on this.)

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Unelectable reprise from scribblingwoman on February 3, 2004 8:03 PM

Those of you who were following the unelectable meme�and you know who you are�may be interested in the following exchange... Read More


Eh, too similar to "miserable failure" to be really interesting.

What IS interesting? It looks like the Dean campaign is trying to exploit the Google-bomb effect in a more subtle way, by setting up this week. In a few weeks time, it will probably have enough Google juice that anyone researching Bush's tax policies will find it.

It's a google-bomb backed up with real information.

That does sound interesting, Ross - after all, who's going to search for "unelectable" on google, and even if they did, would it really be likely to make them change their vote?

GW's bio is now the #1 result in response to a search on "unelectable."

It's just a gag. No one is assuming that someone will innocently search on "unelectable" and stumble across the GW bio.

This is just a "proof of concept". And it woks. Now, one choose the key words and send the meme.

I am not involved in american election, not having voting right in USA, but I am involved in it because american policy impact our life. sez I is a unelectable miserable failure cheap labor conservative dodipoll
Yes, is definitely unelectable! The next questions is: what's the defnition of a dodipoll? and what's the defnition of a cheap labor conservative? a unelectable miserable failure cheap labor conservative dodipoll




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