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As we begin to untangle the legal and financial aftermaths of my brother-in-law's unexpected death, it has become increasingly clear to me that there are real risks and consequences to believing the best about people, particularly when that trust goes against one's better instincts.

And because there are in fact legal and financial issues involved, that's about all I can say about that.

Except that I have managed to formulate one simple rule for how to live life:

Live so that no one you love will be unpleasantly surprised
by what they find when you die.

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Liz writes about the aftermath of her brother-in-law’s death and formulates a simple rule: Live so that no one you love will be unpleasantly surprised by what they find when... Read More

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can teachers do anything else but trust ones better possible persona??
probably we are in a heavy duty job

Good advice.

We had some shockers when Mom died in an accident. Things she wouldn't have wanted us to know. Secrets revealed.

I think I'll start a cleaning project, getting rid of anything that might result in unpleasant surprises. We never know when it's our turn to go.

I'm so sorry for your loss and for your sister. I hope the surprises were not too unpleasant or shocking.

Speaking of good & bad, Weez's blogsite has been hacked. I don't have any way of contacting her other than her RIT email account. You probably have a better way to get in touch with her.



Ugh totally understand. My grandmother passed away a few years ago. Her house was "given" to her and her two sisters, for each to live in when they first got married. However, once grandma moved in, she never moved out. Now we had to find 3 sometimes 4 generations of relatives to agree to an amount so the house could be sold.

No one ever disputed their relatives had claims, but everyone wanted a higher percentage than x of 1/3. Even if we were willing to cut our percentages to help settle things, then others would squawk.
UGH. Clean up your finances now.

To top it off, at the funeral my Grandmother's nephew who was in his 70's and should know better, took my brother aside for a talk. My brother, who since moving to Florida after High school hasn't been in touch with the family except Holidays for 15+yrs, was told what a nasty daughter my mother was to our grandmother. This kindly old gent went on to say how my mother was evil for not moving to Boston to take care of her mother and other comforting bits.

I can only guess I was never pulled aside due to my blue hair, and air of, "where I spit no grass grows ever."

Here's hoping it all ends easy, or at least quickly!

Must go, my cat has decided to eat my $4.99 fake pipe-cleaner-lookin' Christmas tree. Ok, I like trees even if I'm not Christian.




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