i'm number one!


David Weinberger mentioned that Google had updated their index, so I hopped over there to do a quick ego-surf.

Yes, it's true. I'm now the number one "liz" on Google.

(When I grow up, I'll try to be more like David, who claims to have lost great respect for Google based on his sky-high pagerank.)


You beat Liz Taylor! Wow. This is a generational milestone. Congrats!

Wow. And I'm number one for 'Taran'. A less common name, but still...

Actually, it's Liz Claiborne I've been chasing for the past several months, battling Liz Smith for second place. Liz Taylor doesn't have much of a web presence. :)

I added my daily crawl blog list when I realized that Anita Bora was ahead of me on google. Previously I had used Dan Sanderson's Blogtracker, but I realized that lots of the blog authors I was reading on a daily basis didn't know it -- the clicks they saw were coming from the blogtracker tool! Sure enough, I drew ahead of the other Anita after that.

We are still both trailing Santa Anita racetrack, though.

I've got some stiff competition any way you slice it: Matthew Yglesias and Matt Drudge.

I'm still battling for to get into the top 20. Given that my first name is also a verb, I may be fighting for a while. I'm also not likely to pass Chuck Palahniuk anytime soon....

So am I. And that's just wrong. I have no business ahead of Dorothea Lange or Dorothea Dix. Bah.

I've got so many Gina's ahead of me it's not funny: bloggers, porn stars, Lollabrigida (who I was actually named after), Gershon, bodybuilders, transsexuals, Lord, am I even in these results?


Jewelry-makers, singers, teenagers, aquarium supply stores, Hy-Gina products, boxers, vibrating balls...

Oh, there I am. On page 15. Good thing I've got a page on Misbehaving. :)

*pages more*

Ok, this is embarrassing. Page 26 and my site isn't listed.

Who do I think I am writing about how to make your site Google-friendly, anyway?


Welcome to "the club" Liz. ;-) You obviously had tougher competition than I did, but I remember the guilty happiness I got when I beat, "The Jewish Outreach Institute", "Join Oceanographic Institute" for "Joi". ;-)

This meg will and should always be in the first position. Second is great!

Geez, Liz, I never thought to egosurf on my first name alone--folks named Disney, Whitman, Mossberg would seem to make that useless. (Ditto Crawford: between Cindy and Crawford County...)

So, trying all four single appropriate words ("cites" and "insights" being the others), I got 12, 10, 6, and 10 respectively on Google, 19, 36, 5, and 25 on AllTheWeb, nowhere in the top 30 for any of them on good old AskJeeves or at Teoma--but "Walt Crawford" was the third "Refine" there.

[AskJeeves and AltaVista both seem to stress commercial & travel sites above others. I'm sure the search engine gurus could straighten me out there.]

Strange stuff. Stranger: Cites & Insights now has a 7 pagerank, which I find a little bizarre...
I guess it's all those liblogs.

Well, I’m keeping an eye on the Association of Kansas and Missouri Astronomers, and Akoestische Materialen, and the Asian KNowledge Management Association. And those Russian sites — but I can’t explain why “AKMA” would be so popular a trade name in Russia. . . .

Not a chance with my first name....

Paul Simon
Carly Simon
Neil Simon
Simon Bolivar
Simon Weisenthal
and a lot of companies all outscore me. But there are a few bloggers in the top 20.

#7 on Google under my full name, though.




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